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Big Boy V6 MX

The Big Boy V6 MX

The Big Boy V6 MX is a large, full suspension scooter with a powerful, motorcycle engine.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Motor: Morini S6-S (Sport)
  • Oil Mixture Ratio: 30:1
  • Top Speed: 50mph+
  • Range: ??
  • Clutch: 78mm centrifugal clutch
  • Transmission: Chain Drive
  • Tension System: adjustable
  • Brakes: front and rear hydraulic Magura Julie disc brakes
  • Wheels: front carbon - rear aluminum
  • Tires: 3.50-8
  • Handlebars: mx style (hellbent)
  • Forks: adjustable dual suspended
  • Suspension: Noleen oil filled coil-over shocks
  • Folding: yes
  • Deck: aluminium
  • Frame: aluminium
  • Dry Weight: 65lbs
  • Available colors: custom


Big Boy V6 transmission

The V6 chain drive.


Big Boy V6 rear suspension

The rear suspension arm and shock absorber.


Big Boy V6 moroni

The Morini S6-S engine.

The MX Morini S6-s(Sport)

The Standard TL-43


Big Boy V6 rear disc

The rear disc brake.

Big Boy V6 front disc

The front disc brake.



SAM 0668-1 (Large)



You'll never have to replaceEdit

You may eventually have to replaceEdit

The clutch shaft and its bearingsEdit

You should immediately replaceEdit

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