The Chung Yang GPL290 is a 29cc two-stroke Taiwanese engine distributed by Goped.


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Technical SpecificationsEdit

Displacement: 29cc

Bore: 36mm Stroke: 28mm

Reed: no

Carburetor: High Performance Carburetor (Walbro) for 2010 models

Stock Carb Settings: Stock non-adjustable

Oil Mixture: 40:1 Horsepower: 2.5hp

Net Power: ??

Rotation (output side): counter-clockwise

Clutch Diameter: 54mm

Ignition System: Electronic

Idle RPM: ?? Max RPM: 14000

EPA Compliant: ??

C.A.R.B. Compliant: no

Fuel Type: Unleaded 92+


The GPL290 engine fits the Sport, Liquimatic, X-Ped, Bigfoot, GSR25, GSR Sport, GSR Cruiser.


This engine is similar to the GP290 engine, but it has smaller ports. As a result, less power is produced, but it is ultra efficient and easy to use. Even though the ports are smaller, it still produces 2.5 HP.


The reliability of the GPL290 engine is yet to be proven, but it is fast growing a reputation for efficiency.

We have had the Goped GSR Cruiser for a year and the engine has given us nothing but trouble. It started with the pull start breaking twice. It has ALWAYS been difficult to crank Now, it will not crank at all It has been to the shop many times and now I'm tired of messing with it and just want to find a dependable replacement engine. Stay away from this engine.

- Our family has had a GSR cruiser for 10 years now. We’ve replaced the pull start a few times, clutch, and spark plugs, whenever it’s being weird. But overall a good engine. Recently replaced the muffler as it was completely clogged with 10 years of buildup. I took a peek at the piston and it still looks good. GPS app says I did 30mph.

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