The Chung Yang R460 is a 45.1cc two-stroke Taiwanese engine distributed by Goped. Other than the Zenoah G62, the R460 is the largest, highest performance engine included with a production Goped scooter.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

edit the 51 is the second largest


The R460's flywheel is on the pull-start side of the engine as opposed to the clutch side. This is unlike many other engines used by Zenoah (G43L-D), Active (Active 50) or Tanaka (47r) which have the flywheel on the clutch side of the engine.

The flywheel location is an important consideration when mounting some pipes which come close to the cylinder of the engine. For example, the DDM Dominator pipe was designed specifically for this configuration.



The clutch springs. Like the R420 the stock clutch springs of the R460 are weak and will fail in short use.[1] The springs can usually be replaced with more durable springs for less than $15.

Cylinder plating failures. Several reports have been made of cylinder plating failures in in R460 engines.[2] The effected cylinders fail after one to two miles. If the cylinder is not part of the bad production run, user experience suggests that they last a reasonable amount of time.[3]