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Evo Powerboards LLC is the 3rd generation of high performance scooters from Puzey Design. In order to market its highest performance line of scooters, Puzey Design created Evo Powerboards and began to manufacture their designs themselves to bring to the market.

The scooters manufactured by Evo are arguably the fastest and most advanced scooters to ever see production. Evo pioneered the introduction of the two speed and slipper drive transmissions, 1-Touch Tension System and cam-link suspension. Puzey Design is responsible for the perfection of the belt drive scooter and the manifestations were the scooters produced by Evo Powerboards.


Winter 2006 : The last 2x's are sold and production halts


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  • For other scooters which represent Mike Puzey's earlier work, see Tanaka and Bladez.