Evo 2x
The Evo 2x is the first and only production, two speed scooter (with the exception of its little brother, the Evo 2). It sports a one-of-a-kind two speed belt transmission, knobby air tires, cam-link front suspension and the exotic Active 50 engine.

The 2x is a marvel of modern scooter design, not only for it's two speed transmission, but also for various design features which make owning and riding a scooter easier. The 2x features Evo's 1-Touch Tension System, a quick release seat and the unmatched Posi-lock folding system.

The Evo is a very heavy scooter(62lbs), but that suits its primary purpose as a cruiser. Despite its weight, the Active 50 has no problem pushing the stock scooter to 35-37 mph. With a relatively simple modifications, like gearing change and the addition of a tuned pipe, the 2x can break 40mph.

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