Modified Evo shifter
This mod will be done to the routing of the stock shifter cable. Under normal conditions the adjustment to the shifter cable can be made at the thumb lever or the threaded bushing located by the clutch lever. But, over a long period of time the shifter cable will stretch and once all the adjustment has been run out on the previous mentioned locations it will become necessary to loosen the bolt/nut assembly. Also, if the transmission is removed completely from the scooter for routine maintenance it will become necessary to readjust the bolt/nut assembly. This is where the trouble comes in. The bolt/nut assembly is located on the end of the shifter cable and is used as a clamp to keep the correct tension. The problem comes in with the location of this adjustment. It is located on the bottom just behind the front spacer of the transmission. To access it you must do it from below with limited space to get tools in. This guide will detail a modification that will bring the adjustment of the bolt/nut assembly out front, where it is easy to access and make proper adjustments.

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