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Goped slide folding i common on Scooter made by Patmont Motor werks, minden, Nevada.

The collapsible mechanism itself is common development and not protected by patents but can be understood as part of the tradedress of Boxer and PMW. Upsides of the principle are easy handeling without having to make adjustments

Downsides are warping effects due the clearince the slide tube needs to be moved for the folding/ unfolding process and some ringing noise from the spring that holds the slide tube down when t-bar is erected.

Warping issues (unprecise steering felt at higher speeds) can be helped by cutting a short shaft at the lower end of the slide tube (requires prior disassembling of steering bar), lenght 3/4 inch, and use a clamp like used to hold the saddle in height on bicyle frames for tighting up the connection in between slide tube and lower hinge fitting. As dieameters are standardtised t will fit for sure and can be done by close to anybody with tools available in like any household. If you are not sure if you can do that any bycicle shop around your location will be able to help you out on this.

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