Patmont Motor Werks always has, and continues to prove that high quality Go-Ped® Brand products can be made by Americans for discriminating short distance commuters everywhere and anywhere on planet Earth.We are proud to provide jobs to the US workforce, and proud of the well educated high quality PMW "Go-Crafters" who can compete with anyone in the world.

Most scooter manufactures have moved "off shore" to produce only overseas and take advantage of low labor costs, and for generally cheaper production. Since our beginning in 1985, we at PMW have refused to take that short sighted beaten path strategy and continue to manufacture successfully in the United States.

Unfortunately, we are not able to obtain in the United States all materials and components that are needed for our high quality portable transportation products. In some cases they are simply no longer available or affordable which only then requires foreign sourcing. Patmont Motor Werks however, remains committed to providing jobs for American families, and to supporting domestic manufacturers, dealers and suppliers when and wherever possible.

The Go-Ped Story

Beginning in 1985 with a prototype for a new motorized personal transportation device Steve Patmont, his wife Hannelore and two sons Gabe and Tim launched Patmont Motor Werks, creators of the Go-Ped Brand of original folding motorized scooters. They began by building Go-Peds in their Pleasanton California garage for friends and family that just had to have one, and it blossomed from there.

Knowing the market opportunities were endless for their fun and safe, carefree design, the Patmont family secured a patent and began shopping their invention around to purveyors of yachts and personal aircraft as a light, portable alternative transportation device to extend transportation choices for various commuting, practical utility and recreation uses.

Today Patmont Motor Werks is the world leader in personal transportation and proudly produces the world's finest portable transportation devices out of it's "enlarged garage", a 70,000 sq ft "state of the art" production facility in Minden Nevada USA.

The Patmont family has kept PMW strong by constantly innovating new and improved products. In addition to an excellent selection of scooters and carts, the introduction of the ESR750 pure electric GoPed scooter line in 2003 now provides the world with a zero emission, environmentally friendly transportation device for those wishing to reduce climate change, their carbon footprint, beat the rising prices of fossil fuel, and foreign oil dependence.

In 2005 The Patmont family introduced the patented Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indispension (C.I.D.L.I.). This revolutionary yet simple and extremely effective suspension system redefined the portable transportation market once again. Now off road enthusiasts and those simply wishing for a more comfortable ride can also experience the amazing benefits of these practical and portable Gopeds.

Today Patmont Motor Werks remains family owned with a dedicated "extended family" of employees, vendors, authorized dealers, and loyal customers that have the same belief in quality, excellence and freedom that began in the garage as an American dream back in 1985.

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