Rangebike GTP PRO

'The New GTP Pro is loaded with great features.'

'It actually produces zero emissions, runs whisper quiet, Dual front and rear suspension for smooth riding while 48 volts and 350watts of power tackle the terrain. Costs about a penny a day to operate, and leaves no carbon footprint. Front and rear Disc brakes for extra stopping power. 16” alloy wheels, puncture resistant street tires,'

'The GTP travels at speeds up to 32 kmh/ 20mph for a range of up to 20 to 32 miles per charge, an easy on/off seat, folding handlebars for easy trunk stowage, Plug & Play rechargeable lithium Lifep04 battery pack and a rangebike Smart battery charger. Alarm with remote key aslo included.'








'Loading capacity:'



'Aluminum Alloy 6061 T6 Frame'


'''Front and Rear Disc Breaks 160mm for Safe Stop'''

'Tyres size: '

'''16" inflated tire Innova 16 x 1.125'

'Charge Life'

'''800-1000 Cycles'''

'Recharge Time:'

'3-5 Hours'



'Power display'



'Full Charged Range:'



'Max Speed:'





'Hall Throttle with PWM Variable Speed'


'350W Brushless DC Motor with gear 3,000rpm'

'Power System: '

'Electrical Control System 600W accelerator system '



'48V 10Ah Lifep04 '



'Foldable '



'15KG/33 pounds Including Battery '


'110cm (Handle Bars in driving Position '

'Width: '

'35cm (Standing Platform)'

'Length: '



'RB-CL 250W'

'Rangebike-GTP PRO '

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