The wheels of a your scooter take a lot of abuse. Even though the relative diameter of your wheel limits the abuse to your wheel bearings, they often end up picking up a lot of dirt and will need replacement. This guide will show you how to safely replace the wheel bearings in your Evo, but this guide could be applied any split rim wheel.

You will needEdit

  • 2 new bearings (The Evo shown uses 6002 size bearings)
  • Wrench or socket set (remove wheel and wheel parts)
  • Crescent wrench
  • Socket driver (to punch out bearings)
  • Metric [allen wrench] set
  • Oven (for loosening the bearings)

Remove the wheel and split the rimsEdit

Separated rims

Separated Evo rims with the bolts which held them together.

Deflate the inner tube as much as possible and use the 11mm socket driver and the appropriate hex key to remove the bolts holding the rims together. The tire might stick a bit, but it should fall off fairly easily.

Get the old bearings outEdit

Oven trick rim

Use the oven trick to remove the bearings

The bearings inside the rims are pressed incredibly tight. Use the oven trick and a socket driver to press out both bearings.

Get the new bearings inEdit

Getting the new bearings pressed into the wheel is a bit difficult, but a trick that can be easily managed with the tools you already have.

Evo bearing press

A bearing press made old bearings and the axle.

Make a press. Take the two halves of the wheel and place them on the wheel bolt with the new bearings lined up against the wheel and the old bearings outside of those as shown in the picture. The old bearings will take the load of force as we tighten so that we don't end up damaging our new bearings.

Compressing Evo bearing press

Tighten the press to push the bearings into place.

Compress the press. The bolt itself should keep your bearings straight as you press them in, but take it slow to make sure things go in right. It should not take much force with our added leverage to push things into place.

Rim assembly

New bearings clean and pressed into place

Cleanup and reassemble. Since you have your wheels apart, you might as well give everything a good cleaning. You can use an engine de-greaser on most everything, but on the brake disk, you should use something which won't won't leave a residue like carb/brake cleaner.

Don't forget to replace the spacer that goes in between halves of the wheel. Without that spacer, too much pressure will be put on the new bearings.