Zike Flyby

Zike is a company that produces a line of freestyle scooter-bike hybrids. The company, based in upstate Greenville, SC, was founded by inventor and CEO Nathan Scolari[1]. There are four models (Flyby, Hotshot, Slingshot, and Saber) that will be available Spring 2011 with several more models coming Summer 2011. The Zike is primarily intended for children's recreational use, with a focus on promoting environmental responsibility and combating childhood obesity[2].
  • Zike: Official Site [1]
  • Zike on Facebook [2]
  • Zikegeist Blog [3]
  • Davis, Angelica. "Zikes: They're More Than Just a Bike." Greenville News. 10/30/2010. [4]
  • Zike: A New Cycle With Greenville Ties [5]
  • Brandon Walters Interviews Nathan Scolari [6]

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